Thank You Everyone!

This was written after my fifth walk in 2010!
This was my fifth walk and the first time walking in the Santa Barbara version of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer! WOW! The hills were steep, but walking down them was even harder. I trained and trained and felt really good during and after the walk.

I felt so good during the walk that I would help motivate the “younger” walkers. Most everyone does good at the beginning but when you get to maybe the 18 – 20 mile mark… it starts getting pretty bazaar for the inexperienced walker.  So when I get near one of these walkers and it is very evident that they are struggling, I say to them “hey! you’re not going to let this fat old man pass you up!” Yes that usually gets them going. The other thing I tell them is start using your mind and not your body. If I were only to think of my body (feet, knees & legs) I would not be able to make it. I tell them to think of what you are doing and the reasoning behind it and how much pain any of these women and / or men are in when they have that poison, chemo or radiation running through their body.

The key to having a successful walk is to train correctly. I have trained before by just walking and that did not work. You have to prepare your body and mind for walking 39.3 miles in two days. By preparing your body you have to create scenarios and change up your work outs. Everyday I did different types of work outs. One day the legs only, another was just the upper body, another would be a combination of both. Other days were just cardio and some days is just stretching.

The other thing is of course walking. I walked up hills (hiking), I walked down hills and I took short walks and very long walks. I believe it is best to walk without the use of an Ipod so that you can sync your mind and your body together. Sounds weird but the mind is a very big part of the equation. If you think you can’t make it, well guess what? You are not going to make it. I think my thought pattern is more of “I have to just keep going to the end and where that is I don’t know but when I get there I will know.” In other words, Don’t worry about how far it is and don’t worry about how many more miles are left, when you get there it will be the end.

I have walked with others and I have to lie to them to help them get to the end. If you know how far it is, you might start thinking I can’t make it that far and have to stop. It’s kind of like me swimming half way across Lake Gregory and thinking I can not make it all the way and turn around and swim back to the shore… hmm

The hardest part of the walk is the FUNDRAISING! Holy crap! I hate begging for money. We started a very successful fundraising dinner and that helped out a lot. But with the ugly economy we are in, I still needed to beg people to donate money. I understand because I don’t donate a lot to other organizations. Well according to the IRS I do, but… I spend a lot of money for the walk and dinner and etc. I try to keep my eggs in one basket and I am sure others do also.

The best thing is to just come to the dinner expecting to spend some money for the food, bingo and silent auction. Then you get something and Breast Cancer Research  gets a lot!

So if you want to walk in a marathon and a half, come see me I will help you train. In the mean time look for the date of the next Sue Phillips Memorial Breast Cancer Dinner in early August 2011.

Thank you.

Howard Phillips


  • Malia September 18, 2010 at 8:57 am

    Beautifully written! One day I will walk with you! Maybe next year, I can do some training walks with you.
    Love you!

  • Linda September 22, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    That was beautiful and inspiring. I’m so very proud of you as would be Sue. You walked for a great cause and hopefully there will be a cure in the near future. Keep up the good work. I’m behind you 100 percent!


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