Completed another Fundraiser! 2013

I would like to thank everyone that participated in the Sue Phillips Memorial Fundraiser for 2013! We had a terrific time and everyone that I spoke to also had a great time this year. We change it up a little and for the better!
If you did not know it, all the food was prepared from scratch by actual chefs. The food was delicious and my thanks go to Miguel, Ryan and Fernando.
Also thanks go to the Sue Phillips Memorial Fundraiser Team! You guys were terrific as usually, we were team member short this year but others pick up the pace.
Malia is the boss and did an outstanding job.
Special thanks to all of you that donated! We “counted our money” on the Monday after the dinner and we have fundraised for over $ 4,000.00 so far this year.
Now all Alicia and I have to do is walk the 39.3 miles and Malia has to manage a pit stop. Most important is the supporters that will be going to cheer us on and help us during the weekend.. Linda, Brenda, Dale, Ryan & Mikala, thank you

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